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About Disley


Its mills earned it the title ‘Linenopolis’, as the biggest linen producer in the world. Its industrious spirit made it the largest, most diverse city in Ireland.
And its dense, dynamic shipyards built the RMS Titanic.
So in 1951, when Norman and Mavis Williams were looking to open their first clothing factory, a place to create quality workwear, innovative in style and design, as well as working as hard as the people that wore it, there was only one city to call home.

And so N.M.Williams was created, running a multitude of brands whose names included Personally, Pheonix and Barry Disley. Since that inception, we’ve taken those deep-rooted values of hard-working uniforms, unrivalled quality and timeless style and put them into every product we

Shirt manufacturing became a particular area of expertise as the business flourished. Names were simplified over the years and Disley’s success dominated to a point where today, it is widely seen as the ‘go to’ brand for quality shirts and blouses.

Supplying exclusively to trade, Disley stands out for all the right reasons with a strong in-house team capable of creating unique corporate, uniform & workwear clothing. With over 65 years experience in tailoring, from adding contrast trims to stock garments to creating a completely bespoke wardrobe for your brand, our highly skilled machinists can offer it all.

Belfast. Born in graft. Disley. Born in Belfast. 


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